• Interest Free Installment Plan

Interest Free Installment Plan

With the Alpha Bank credit cards, you can benefit from interest-free installments not only for your purchases in Cyprus but also in Greece.

  • All Alpha Bank credit cards have joined JCC's interest-free Installment Plan.
  • The number of merchants that participate in the Installments Plan will gradually increase.
  • Depending on the merchant and the initial sale amount, the cardholder has the option to choose between 3 and 48 interest-free monthly installments.  The minimum installment amount is € 7.
  • Each month, your card account will be debited with the corresponding installment amount without any fees or interest charged, provided that the full balance of the card is repaid each month.
  • The merchants participating in the interest-free Installment Plan maintain the right to apply different pricing for sales under the plan.
  • The debit slip that you sign must be kept as a proof of your purchases under the interest-free Installment Plan.

For merchants who accept Alpha Bank credit cards for payments under the interest-free Installment Plan, the following discount fee rates apply: Discount Rate Table.

For more information contact Alpha Bank's Cards Centre at the Customer Service line +357 22877477.