• Alpha Safe Access

Alpha Safe Access

Alpha Bank enables its e-Banking and Alpha Mobile Banking Subscribers to activate, if they wish to, the Additional Password Services. In case you have activated the Additional Password services, in order to sign-on to the service, you must also fill-in in the respective OTP field 6-digits code that is produced by the Additional Password smartphone token or hardware device. The usage of an OTP is also required for the execution of certain critical transactions (e.g. fund transfers to third-party accounts, transaction authorizations, and account and card orders submission). 

The usage of Additional Password Services combined with the User ID and Password provides stronger identification and protection of the User. The unique code that is produced each time by the device is used only once and is based on an algorithm, unique for the device key.

Additional Password Services:

OTPWeb applications present a complex set of security issues for developers and users alike. Alpha Bank recognizes that the most secure Web applications are those that have been built from the ground up with security in mind. To address such issues Alpha Bank provides two additional security measures, the Alpha Safe Access smartphone token and the “OTP” Token Device hardware token.  

The application, which is simple and user-friendly, enables Subscribers to take advantage of the Additional Password Services without purchasing the security token device. Whenever a Subscriber requires obtaining an Additional Password (i.e. a one-time password produced by a complex algorithm in order to use the Additional Password Services), he/she simply has to access the Alpha Safe Access application to get the 6-digit password on their screen. The application automatically generates a new password every 30 seconds.

Moreover, Subscribers who use Smartphone and Tablets have the option to copy the “Additional Password” generated by the Alpha Safe Access, and paste it to Alpha Web Banking or Alpha Mobile Banking. The application is available to all Smartphones and Tablets which use the iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems

The OTP Token Device combines high security with convenience on executing your electronic transactions. It is small (6 cm long), light and has a long life span (its battery lasts for up to 5 years) and after its activation, the device is uniquely associated with your subscription. Each time that you press the button, a one-time 6-digit password (“Additional Password”) is produced based on a complex algorithm. This number appears and remains displayed on the device’s screen for 30 seconds, giving you enough time to fill it in the "One Time Password (OTP)" field of the transaction you wish to conduct.

You will be using the Additional Password Services to sign on to Alpha e-Banking as well as to execute any of the above transactions.

Alpha Bank’s system verifies the “Additional Password” each time and thus authenticates, during the execution of each transaction that it derives from you, the owner of the specific device.

Additional Password Services is mandatory for approving and/or executing transactions such as transfers to other Alpha Bank Clients or other Domestic or Foreign Banks and submission of Generic Payment Orders 

Also, the above services can be used for the verification of users that log in to Alpha e-Banking using the triple authentication method which is: User ID, Password and Additional password Services code.