For which matters can I contact the Quality Assurance Services?
Anyone who is a Customer of Alpha Bank Cyprus and is dissatisfied with his/her banking relationship, or our products and services can contact Quality Assurance Services.

Can I only submit a written complaint?
You can always submit your complaint orally in any Alpha Bank Cyprus Branch. However, by choosing to analytically describe the matter that concerned you and submit it in writing, you ensure that you will receive a detailed reply addressing all the parameters of the issue you have chosen to raise.

Do I absolutely have to submit my complaint in person?
Yes, for identification purposes, by choosing any of the submission channels. In special cases, you can choose to be represented by proxy, always in compliance with the legal provisions.

Can the Quality Assurance Services be objective and impartial?
Our people are experienced and qualified to address any concern of our Customers in depth. We aim at reverting to your issues with a clear and substantiated reply, in compliance with the Regulatory and Legal provisions.

I disagree with the proposed resolution or your reply.
It is your choice to accept or decline the solution proposed by the Bank. In case you are not satisfied with our reply, or in case you do not hear from us for 3 months, after the receipt of your case, you can always revert within 12 months to an approved alternative dispute resolution entity (“ADR Entity”).

ADR Entities
Any information with regard to the ADR Entities handling financial disputes and of the relevant services offered, are available on the official website of the Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, press here.

Financial Ombudsman Contact information
Address: 15 Kypranoros, 1061 Nicosia
Mail Address: PO BOX 25735, 1311 Nicosia
Telephone No: 357 22848900 (central line)
Fax: 357-22660584/ 22660118 
Website: www.financialombudsman.gov.cy

I would like to congratulate you for your excellent service level.
It is an honor to receive your compliments as recognition of our everyday efforts. Should you wish to, you can record your positive comments in the electronic contact form.